Toddler Curriculum

Themes: I plan fun activities and stories based on monthly themes (Animals, Transportation, Careers, Families, Weather, etc.) Learning is not limited to the theme of the month. If the children are interested in another topic and want to explore something else, by all means, we'll explore it and learn!

Circle Time: We start off every morning with Circle Time. We read a story and have a short lesson based on our theme that uses songs and repetition. We talk about what we will do that day and also go over the rules in the house.

Art: Every day children have the opportunity to express themselves through art.

Music: Children are exposed to music throughout the day. We sing songs, play music during playtime, and even explore music from different cultures.

Sign Language: Infants and toddlers are taught simple ASL words so they can communicate easily before their language skills are developed enough to talk. This also helps avoid tantrums and builds a child’s confidence.

Routine: Children are kept on a daily routine so they always know what comes next.


Infant Curriculum

Infants have different needs than toddlers or preschool children. In my care, each infant will be on his/her own individual schedule for eating and sleeping. I can work with parents to develop a schedule for their babies as they get older but are not ready for the toddler schedule.

During the day, infants will:

  • have opportunities to explore outside
  • work on fine and large motor skills
  • be given opportunities for visual, auditory, and other sensory stimulation
  • enjoy story time and music
  • make art projects
  • learn basic ASL so they can express their needs